Monday, 18 November 2013

JavaCV Tutorial 1 -Basics

In this tutorial I've explained some simple image transformation techniques such as converting the RGB image into a HSV and Grayscale and saving the image file in different locations .
In "cvWaitKey()" function, you can include an integer value to indicate the amount time that the function has to wait for the user input.
Eg: cvWaitKey(1000) will wait for 1second for user I/p and automatically executes the statements below it if doesn't get any user i/p within the time specified.
Source Code :  " "


  1. opencv - java or javacv, which is better?

    1. Dont know much about OpenCV-Java , so cant compare and give any suggestions on that.

  2. i mean opencv - java official java wrapper by opencv...

    1. From my point of view, I think the JavaCv is better, as its the wrapper of OpenCv. they just act like java and C language.

  3. how did you import all the library files at once ???
    You did it without using them first...
    i use ctrl + Shift + 0 after i use it...
    this is giving me problems..
    please help

  4. I am using Javacv for Face Recognition in java. But IDE indicating an error to
    import com.googlecode.javacv.cpp.opencv_contrib.FaceRecognizerPtr;
    is there any class FaceRecognizerPtr in javacv ? or I need to create native method to recognise face?
    pls help me.